27 February 2014

Hawaiian Banana Nut Bread

The last couple of weeks this was the only thing I managed to bake was Hawaiian banana nut bread. I had pineapple that was about to be wine so it was to be in good in use. What I substitute the normal cooking for coconut oil. I was pretty excited to try out this new recipe so as usual I miss read it and put in one whole cup of chopped walnuts instead of half a cup. Probably that was why the bread didn't rise as it should. But then I did bake a second following the recipe to the T, it still didn't rise much. It still tasted good even though a bit dense.  The coconut oil was subtle and wasn't like eating straight coconut like some people says. I would say I'll continue to use coconut oil in this recipe. Have you tried baking or cooking with coconut oil? Do you like it?

Second batch of the bread.

The first batch looks a bit under baked but dense inside. 

Had nothing to do with the banana bread but this picture of my neighbor's yard look so fairy tale like.


  1. They both look super delicious Ping! You did a wonderful job. Yum! Love the yard photo too - pweety! :)