15 March 2014

Night Flower Tree

I've searched the net for the name of this enchanting flower. But didn't find the name for it. Does anyone know the name to this tree? Which only blooms at night about 9.30ish. The fragrant of this 'dok kae bpa' is sweet and subtle. Like the swift of Coco Chanel No. 5 to me. In the morning it falls and covers the ground not far from the base of the the tree making it look like a tree shirt from its flowers. It is quite like a fairy tale for a surrounding moment as you wake up blurry eyed and walk around the condo area into the morning fragrance. 

My neighbor is from the Norther Eastern part of Thailand call Isaan. This tree is all over that area which is consider wild and can be steam to eat with spicy chutney along with the main meal. I've not seen this in Laos or the capital, Vientiane where I grew up but a different kind. The kind we have is smaller in bloom and it's usually stuffed with ground pork and spices and then steamed. The one here has a high bitter taste but probably not more than the bitter gourd or melon. 

I'm so glad that we have a two trees in our area. And that every morning a swift of fragrance would make me feel like I can float in the air. 


  1. Wow, what a great tree and the flowers are big and stunning! Sorry, can't help with the name though. :)

    1. It's ok, I'm still on the look for the English name. Gotta be somewhere.