18 March 2014

Nom Nom Around The Blogs

And from e-cookbooks too. It's been awhile since I've done this kind of post.  There are really amazing food bloggers out there who give their time and share their creativity with us. I would like to do another shout out and say thank you for the all deliciousness and juice-y recipes.

I love this refreshing Fresh Tumeric Tonic from Feasting At Home. Although it stained my juicer quite badly it's worth it. I will add green apple instead of red as it was bit sweet for me and I could get used to the taste to fresh turmeric.

Simply Raw: Easy Raw Food For Beginners an e-book by Sue Woledge. I'm not any way going all raw but interested in adding more of it into our meals. This spicy tomato and capsicum juice is really going to perk you up in any time of the day. I had it along with my breakfast and I made it to look like Bloody Mary putting the celery in. Never had one but this juice is fine for me.

This Thai mango salad is also from the Simply Raw. Simple to keep you alert with the tartness of this salad on a muggy afternoon. I love everything about this salad.

This one pot soup is a life saver for me. I had this soup when the couple of first week of delivering Tessa. We had to rent a one room apartment due to the flood our condo was in the worst condition. And there was a temple market every Thursday where I would buy already made food. This was one of my staple food while staying about a month in the apartment. So from Tes At Home, I can make this in our own home. This one is mine and Tessa's favorite soup. The main vegetables are daikon, cabbage, celery and mustard green(spicy or sweet kind). But I've added boy chou and purple cabbage too. And the meat would be pork or chicken. M favorite part is the fermented soy beans that I added in there. It's stinks but ramp up the flavor and tastes amazing!



Disclaimer: I do not get paid or get commissions for the link I've provided. But I simply like their recipes.


  1. Great recipes Ping! Love the colour of tumeric but do not use it enough - great to know of its health benefits. Mango salad looks delish and the soup looks really tasty!

    1. Thank you Padaek. Do you get fresh green mangos in Australia?