05 March 2014

Up Late

Dough taken out from the bread machine.

Since I have a babysitter for two nights and my husband is out of town so therefore I'm up late. I shouldn't be staying up this late but I want to bake this whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread as my gratitude towards my babysitter who's my neighbor. I still have about an hour and forty five minutes to go. 
As I'm waiting, I did a little house cleaning on my blog. And a new font as I love fonts and was playing around with it for awhile before I decided what was soft to read on my eyes. And the links colors to purple because I love the color purple. Just keeping it simple. 

How lovely is the sight of the second rising.

Zapping the mosquitoes as they fly fast.  I love the sizzling sound of death for the mozzies. Oh make sure they sizzle up in smoke or they will be ressurected to life!  

Smells heavenly and cinnamony. I had to have a taste right?

It's 1: 32AM and I can't sleep because there's this ONE mozzie in the bedroom that I have to zap. So, good morning before I go to sleep friends!


  1. I dislike mozzies very much too and there's one thing more annoying than a mozzy, and that's mozzy bites! The cinnamon raisin bread looks amazing!

    1. I'm sure glad to have tiger balm to rub on when they do bite. I made another batch of the bread and put more cinnamon and honey in it. It was a lot better too:)