22 April 2014

Le Week-end: Pool and Pizza

This Easter we weren't up to having a traditional Easter meal. It was more focusing on the meaning of Christ's Resurrection. We are perfectly fine not having a basket full of chocolate eggs and bunnies or other gifts. This weekend was awfully hot but it cooled down in the evening, so it was time to take out the pool and enjoyed some time out in the front porch eating pizza from Pizza Hut.

Tessa loves being in the water and her dad got to give her a workout. The water calms her but it did worn her out and was fast asleep by 8pm! I guess all that work out helped too! And the octopus makes a sprinkle through the nose if you put the hose front the back. More pool days to come as the hot weather heats up.

17 April 2014

A Beautiful Day In My Old Neighborhood

Even though the day started out raining cats and dogs it didn't damper my outing to our old neighborhood of Prachaniwet, Nonthaburi. We made our first home there when we first moved to Thailand. Bruce decided that I should go out and have a ladies day out. That was very kind of him. So off I went and met my friend, Nuan I had made since almost six years ago. We love to eat and chat about deep things and drink coffee (what else).

After having lunch of stir fried morning glory and crispy pork with rice  we had our iced espresso on the go to the Thai massage place that one of her friend opened up. I was curious about the coffee mixture scrub. And decided on for a body scrub. This place was the first place that have a real sauna! I assumed it was the plastic box kind where you step in and sit on a bench and zip it up to your neck so your face is the only thing being exposed. Anyway, when I came out of the closed sauna closet I looked line a ghost! My friend didn't even tell me. We had a good laugh though. 

Who would want to be in a sauna with this heat, you ask. Well it's a different kind, one is for beauty which I'll take anytime. And one is annoyance I'll try to avoid but can't, ha! After about 15 minutes of having my pores open I was finished as the iced expresso kicked in with heat and made my heart beat way to fast. The scrub wasn't at all pleasant but the aroma was. It really cleaned and made my skin softer. 

It rained when it was time for lunch so we walked across to a popular boat noodle shop and ate two bowls of beef and stewed pork tendons. It really hit the spot! 

We continued and end our day with a traditional Chinese foot massage (reflexology) at the same place. Now that was a much needed foot massage! And a much needed day out in my old neighbor for sure. 

Got jackfruit? This tree has in abundance! 

Lunch of stir fried morning glory and crispy pork. Yummy. 

A real wooden sauna closet. 

Me and the runny eyeliner after coming out of the sauna. 

The coffee scrub mixture. 

Chan, our masseuse and my friend Nuan 
My bowl and loved the pork rinds with the noodles. 

A huge wok of fried garlic! 

The boat noodle shop. 

16 April 2014

Happy 60th Birthday Mae!

This picture was on Bruce's birthday last year in Tulare. 

Yesterday was my Mom's 60th birthday. I love this picture with my Mom in it as she loves food and travel. She loves to dress up and have a good time too. I think she deserves it. My Mom is a very soft spoken person, ready to help and give to others. Such a emotionally strong woman, who was determined to take me 8 months old and cross by boat on the mighty Mekong river to a refugee camp in Thailand to reunite with my Dad. There were thousands of people who got killed and kidnapped during that time of crisis. We were the fortunate ones and so thankful that we got there safely. I miss her on her birthday. Which usually, not a big deal but since she's been living with my sister and her family, birthdays are now a big deal. I don't mind it at all since it involves lots of delicious food from my sister!

My Mom and I in Laguna, California 2013

She loves to be with Tessa in any way she can. 

Read with Tessa 

My Mom's first time on a train to San Diego from Del Mar, California 2009

I love this picture of my Mom! She got all shy from being in the same picture as the statue in San Diego.

Cheers to many more years of travel together and a blessed year of travel, health and love Mae!

11 April 2014

Hello Hello

We'll be in downtown Bangkok for two days. Since Tessa has therapy appointments that are not her usual timings it's best that we stay back. And take this opportunity for a short break as a family. 

As usual, we would stick to a mall where it's nice and cool. I know, pretty adventurous huh? Before we  the mall I had a short stop at Phahurat Rd, known as Little India, to stock up on the Indian masalas. I love that area as it's the best place to get your Indian food fix. Now I can't wait to cook my own Indian food at home. Yes, I'm thinking chicken tandoori, rajma and the rest if the curries!

A selfie at Central World Mall

We had a quick lunch of Thai Chinese food. Bruce had chicken cashew nuts, I had spicy vermicelli   with seafood and Tessa shared the fish maw soup. She loved it! She would have eaten more if the restaurant had a high chair. Anyway, the food there was blasé. 

I'm having a bit of time to read from my Kindle. Nothing line holding a real book but this will do. Tessa is still taking her nap and it's almost 7pm! Oh, we're in a short holiday;). Well, I'm going to log off and get dinner and a bit of pampering. Have a good weekend. 

08 April 2014

Korean Sesame Spinach Salad and a Family Photo Bomb

Two days ago,Tessa has been under the weather. So she's been loosing her appetite a bit. Today, I decided to finally make this as I bought just over a kilogram of spinach. I tell you this dish really spiked Tessa's appetite for dinner. But she was feeling better in the afternoon already. It was so delicious and I don't know why I didn't make it any sooner. Tessa had her's with the sardines that I made for lunch and I had it with rice only. Of course, Bruce wanted something more American so he had a  tuna sandwich with chips

Korean sesame spinach salad here.

This is our family picture. One of us is so not into taking pictures these days, ha! Or only when she's eating. Just like her momma:)