23 October 2014

Date In Dinner

Today being Chulalongkorn Day and one of the main holiday which I keep forgetting about. I went to the mall to get some thing and it was busier than usual for a Thursday. Until I was reminded by my husband that it's a holiday. I'm glad we didn't plan to go out on a date further in town and was best to stay in. For dinner I decided to make the Amish style oven fried chicken. Let's just say even if it's baked there's butter and oil to getting it cooked. The only thing I adapted was the marjoram to poultry seasoning and I liked it better. I liked the coating flour that I can make and not out of a box like Shake and Bake. If your stomach can handle it and that's all you have, use it.

We had it with baked potato and sautéed local spinach. I had my potato plain with freshly ground black pepper. And I shared my dish with Tessa. It was perfect and I'm so full and thankful.

And I had to take a selfie with my superhero!

22 October 2014

Lao Eggplant and Mackerel Chutney

I'm so happy that we have a bigger night open air market that just open across the street from our main entrance gate. When I saw the short mackerel which by the way is budget friendly fish and packed with nutrients. Instead of just making chutney from the eggplants alone I added one mackerel. The other one I prepared it separately for Tessa with tomato sauce. She loves it.

What I did was grilled the chills, shallots and garlic. Put the water with one stalk of lemongrass and mixed with padaek to your taste, mackerel and sliced eggplant in. I eyeballed the juice of padaek so don't put to much in at first as it can get salty.

Once the eggplant is soft enough about 5 minutes to after it has been boiling. Pound the grilled chilis, shallots and garlic in your mortal and pestal. Spoon in eggplant and debone the mackerel, add just the meat. Then pound pound and taste to your liking as you spoon in some juice from boiling the mackerel. Sliced herbs like spring onions, coriander and long Chinese herb in. I like lots so you can adjust to your liking. Serve with sticky rice or steamed rice and fresh sliced cucumber or other veggies you like. This dish can be your main or a side dish. Yum yum!

21 October 2014

A Date to Jim Thompson House Museum

A Thursday ago, we went out on a date to the famous Jim Thompson House Museum in Bangkok. We've lived here for six years and finally ventured out to this museum on a guided tour. Bruce was determined to take me to this place as he took one of our guests from the States here and they loved it. The garden and flora to me was the place to go to when I crave being somewhere like this and it's not to far out. It's surrounded by other concrete buildings but this place is a gem hidden in the middle of noisy polluted Bangkok.

I tend to love history more now as I get older. Never thought I would be saying that but I did. Ask an eighteen year old me when I worked as a tour guide and talk about history was not my cup of tea.  It's interesting how Jim Thompson an American business man revived the silk industry back then. He frequent this business trips to Burma, Cambodia and Laos. And collected all sorts of artifacts from those countries as well. He was quite a collector and you can see it all in this museum. The only thing I wanted to see was his small western bathroom that was closed to the public. I asked the guide why we can't see it. She said something about the bathroom being too small to be open. OK, it doesn't make sense.

It still a mystery how Jim Thompson died and no one knew until today. It was supposedly that he could've been eaten by a tiger in Malaysia when we was out on a walk by himself on Easter Sunday, March 26, 1967 in the Cameron Highlands Worth the time to visit if you're in Bangkok.

Beautiful lotus flowers

Beautiful lush green garden.

A slug, not Bruce but the slug itself on the pole. We walked around the not
so huge of a compound but very the garden is very well kept.

Pretty jaded color pattern on the walls.

That turtle was huge! This swimming area for the turtles was next to the gift shop
which we didn't go in.

Couple selfie time!

Of course, I had to posed in the garden. I love the wild ginger flowers.

Lunch was average nothing spectacular and over priced. I enjoyed my company more:) I ordered
beef cashew nuts and Bruce was with chicken. My watermelon, lime and passion fruit
smoothie was really refreshing!

Can't get over the lush greens at the entrance.

Boat services along the klong (canal) where Bruce is standing used to be the former
service entrance.

16 October 2014

Cake Baking

No other excuses not to be blogging (don't I say that often) but, yeah I've been baking and cooking more than usual. I think it usually happens when the weather is extremely hot and I tend to thrive in the heat, if it's in my kitchen and bearable. When the cooler weather comes then I tend. to. hibernate. Like bears:) That's a good excuse right, right? OK OK...but look at the cakes!

The next two cakes I'm not going to lie but it was pretty intense following the recipe. I had to re read it like more than five times. And I still manage to kind of lost track of the instructions, yes, I'm a woman. Anyhow, it was fun and I enjoyed sharing to my neighbors which they say they liked as it wasn't way to sweet. I'm looking for more cake recipes to bake and if you have one that I should make, please tell me!

Carrot Cake Cheesecake
Adapted from Cooking Classy

Two of my favorite cakes in one, divine!
A slice of cake cheesecake carrot anyone? My two favorite kind of cakes in one. Moist and rich and yummy! You can get the recipe at the @cookingclassy blog.

Toscakaka (Caramel Almond Cake)
Recipe from Poires au Chocolat

A phenomenal Swedish cake that just blew my mind away. Even though the cake didn't quite rise as it should. Make this, just make it. My husband had two servings right when the cake cooled down.

Gingerbread Cake with homemade whipped cream
From my William Sonoma Food Made Fast Baking Book

On the dry side and not enough molasses and spices for us but we wanted gingerbread cake fast. Will make again again adding those two ingredients mentioned.
Gingerbread cake with homemade whipped cream. A bit on the dry side and needs more spices for me. But still good:) #homemade#homebaking#bakingseason#gingerbread#cake

Dark on dark chocolate chip brownies
I forgot where this recipe came from, oops. But again not overly sweet and yummy.
Dark on dark chocolate brownies. I was surprised how dark it came out. A bit on the dry side but still chocolatey good. #homemade#homemaker#brownie#chocoalbrownie

30 September 2014

Testing Techs

You know that update notification number on top of your apps? It's been bugging me so, yes, I've updated to the iOS 8. Curious to see new if my BlogPress app that I paid for works better than the free Blogger app. We shall see. I'm serious about blogging on my phone friends:). 

Today I decided that I'll take whatever photo but I'm still shy even with my non flashy phone. I just say phone as I don't like to shout out brand names, you know. 

As Bruce was helping with a therapy session with Tessa I went to buy boiled corn in the cob from this guy to my left. I bought two for tonight's chicken tortilla soup sans tortilla. He also sells boiled peanuts and sweet potatoes. 

I walked the same street and I have always wanted to a picture of this humble man with his sewing machine. I tell you, you can make a living almost any corner you can find. I'm sure you have to pay taxes for the space but hey, you got to make a living. When there's a space there is a way. A lot of times, scenes like these can be so normal as you see them everyday. And I don't know how long I'll be living in Bangkok. But it's the digital age and we don't have to worry about taking 'some not good looking' photos on film. And for me, I get nostalgic of past memories so I'm going to click as I pleased. 

By the way, BlogPress app, you are going downhill! I'm sticking to my free Blogger app. Your photos are really like my thumb nails!  And you can't even upload a short post. I had to post it on the Blogger app.