11 July 2014

Cliffs, Fish, Corn And The Beach

We're continuing to enjoy our beach vacation in Aonang Beach. It's in the southern part of Thailand. Bruce and I have been here on our 5th year wedding anniversary seven years ago. It has changed a lot in one strip of the main road. More souvenir shops, restaurants and massage booths. The prices are ridiculous especially the local food. 

Anyway, I'm keeping this short with pictures just to let you know that we are alive:). 

Bruce finally tried the fish spa. He said it's ticklish and would like the fish to nibble more of the dead skin on his heels.

Grilled corn at your footstep on the beach. This guy is so nice and he's deaf so he makes a living grilling sweet corn on some special dried coconut shell charcoal. Once it's grilled to your liking he either slathers butter or sprinkle salt on it, put a stick to the end of the corn and also sticks a toothpick in the corn for you so you can pick your teeth after you finish eating the corn. Great customer service! 

You're greeted with seasonal fruits like rambutan or pineapple when you're at the beach. More if you get massages or drinks at their shacks. 

Since we've been here the waves are high and choppy. Also it's monsoon season do the water isn't as crystal clear like in the dry season. But we're happy to stay on the beach and not island hopping. Until then, for me I'm soaking up the wind. 

At first Tessa was a bit afraid being thrown up in the air but she liked it at the end. 

25 June 2014

Instagram Clicks: Bangkok

Oh, how I just love Instagram! I get mesmerized by all the nostalgic looking pictures. But my first photo media would still be Flickr. Even though not all made it to the Instagram feed but I used the filters. Anyway, Instagram clicks for you from Bangkok!
 Since I had an early appointment with US Embassy to apply for my visa, we opted to stay one night in downtown Bangkok. After Tessa's one hour therapy session, we took turns going out to dinner. I went out first and had more time and planned on trying a new place but got really tired so wasn't up to it. I just wanted something fast and spicy! At Siam Paragon, the biggest mall ever I went for tom yum yellow noodle with pork and sliced boiled egg.

I went to take a picture of this salad bar call dressed. Maybe when I feel like
going green and healthy. It's hard when you're hungry. It does look it has potential
in my future eats.I do like the variety of salad dressings right in front of you.

After I finished with the noodle soup I walked into the many bakeries and saw these
soccer ball bread. I thought it was very creative that it's called Breadzil!

Thankful for the walkway over traffic. Yeah, you can see that the motorcycles
have their way.

This morning at the US Embassy. Love the arts on the wall. And the paintings
does kind of calm your nerves a bit before the interview. You know, I don't
like visiting embassies.

Back at home I tried taking pictures on the phone with Tessa. A lot of times a day
goes by without making memories. Here Tessa likes to look at herself on the phone.
Even when she giving me a kiss she would look at herself. Too cute! It's kind of
getting a bit hard to take pics as she doesn't sit still. We got one at least!

Having a local fruit for dessert. I just love me a lot of dragon fruit! I would scrape
the flesh for Tessa too. I don't think she's a big fan of it as she pauses when it's in
her mouth. And she would slowly chew it. Well, I'll keep giving it to her:)

19 June 2014

As Of Today

Obviously you're going to see past posts popping up as I have saved them as I write but doesn't get published right away. I need to take more time here on this blog o mine, yeah, saying it again and again. Thanks for bearing with me.

I'm always looking (buying) for new books to read. Right now, it's Bread & Wine and A Beautiful Mess Photo Book Idea. I'm loving these two!

Being drinking more of masala chai than coffee. I still do have my coffee in the morning but later in the day I prefer chai chai and more chai with a couple of safflower cookies. Safflower is an herb, I think. Not much taste to it but I like the subtle sweetness to the cookies.

After visiting my friends May and Tony and their kids at Don Mueng airport we came home and Tessa was all smiles. That's way after the morning meltdown, her morning nap and watching Peppa Pig, still her fave! Tessa's been doing better standing but she likes to lean in and puts her head on the table. Very comforting and lazy at the same time. She did loose balance and hit her chin on the table. It kind of help when I don't over react. She did stand plus leaning in for about 15 minutes.

This wasn't today but last week. Yeah, my husband cheering for the USofA in the World Cup. There is more of today but it's getting really late and I should be sleeping. What ever happened to sleep when your baby is sleeping? That kind of never happened to me. OK, I'm off putting a mask on my face.

16 June 2014

A Pakistani Meal With Friends

I accidentally hit a button on my phone that deleted all the words to this post! Urrggh, I hate when that happens!!

Here's to opening our home to more friends in the future! To hear stories, celebrate the small achievements, prayers for our community and to enjoy each other's company and food.

15 June 2014

Father's Day

As I type this I was thinking what did I do for Bruce last year on this day. Honestly I don't remember. Gosh, the year just slipped by. But then what I do remember my husband saying is that don't make a big fuss about me. Yeah, he's a simple man and little things or Ben & Jerry's ice cream can make him happy. He did requested that I make his favorite rice noodle soup with pork ribs. And for dessert I got him a Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk. I ate most of that of the ice cream, not really, it's still in the freezer waiting for him.

I'm truly blessed to see him care gently for our Tessa. He shows how much he loves her and he goes beyond that. I can see the heart of God in him. I love you my Bruce and thank you for being a kind, loving, sacrificial daddy to Tessa.