30 September 2014

Testing Techs

You know that update notification number on top of your apps? It's been bugging me so, yes, I've updated to the iOS 8. Curious to see new if my BlogPress app that I paid for works better than the free Blogger app. We shall see. I'm serious about blogging on my phone friends:). 

Today I decided that I'll take whatever photo but I'm still shy even with my non flashy phone. I just say phone as I don't like to shout out brand names, you know. 

As Bruce was helping with a therapy session with Tessa I went to buy boiled corn in the cob from this guy to my left. I bought two for tonight's chicken tortilla soup sans tortilla. He also sells boiled peanuts and sweet potatoes. 

I walked the same street and I have always wanted to a picture of this humble man with his sewing machine. I tell you, you can make a living almost any corner you can find. I'm sure you have to pay taxes for the space but hey, you got to make a living. When there's a space there is a way. A lot of times, scenes like these can be so normal as you see them everyday. And I don't know how long I'll be living in Bangkok. But it's the digital age and we don't have to worry about taking 'some not good looking' photos on film. And for me, I get nostalgic of past memories so I'm going to click as I pleased. 

By the way, BlogPress app, you are going downhill! I'm sticking to my free Blogger app. Your photos are really like my thumb nails!  And you can't even upload a short post. I had to post it on the Blogger app. 

28 September 2014

Where was I?

It's almost 10:30pm and I just finished a bowl of a delicious bowl of instant noodles filled with fish meatballs, napa cabbage and an egg and it was spicy good! The husband comes back from Myanmar tomorrow so I've got a list of groceries that I need to pick and stock up. It's been a full week of him being gone and yes, I miss him. So I'll be baking and cooking his favorite foods and goodies.

But I've been keeping busy with having home therapy and hospital therapy for Tessa. She's getting so big and slightly chubby. I like the chubbiness though as when we were in the States side she was just skin and bones. Anyway, I'm thankful that she continues to love the food that I give her and yes, anything with soy sauce!

I spend a lot time with our neighbor, Aunty Noi. As you can see we love to eat! She just loves Tessa and she's the one who trims Tessa's fine hair to perfection.

This is Tessa's favorite fruit longkong. I've been peeling so much with my thumbs that my nails are dark from glue on the peel of the fruit. It's soft and slightly sweet. The older ones which are bigger ones can have big seeds in them.

You got to try these homemade bread twists from The Recipe Critic. The let the dough rise for 10 minutes, yes ten minutes! And you fill and twist and let them rise again and then bake. That's it! Seriously, I'm going to make cinnamon roll twists tomorrow. They're that easy.

I try to eat a lot more salad and sharing it with my neighbor. This fall apple salad was posted here before but I've added pomegranate seeds this time. Love it!

Avocado drizzled with condensed milk the Filipino way. It's a dessert but I have it as a snack, either way, it's yummy!

Yeah now you know how much I like The Recipe Critic food blog. Go check it out!
So that's where I've been, finding recipes, cooking and baking and sharing it others. Wish my friends were closer. You know who you are:)

17 September 2014

In The Big Jammed City

We're spending a couple of days in the big city. Also we needed quality time with our small family even though I had a half a day to myself to browse a couple of bookstores. It's been pretty good so far. Tessa had her therapy and she didn't do to well but there are some days like that. Although, in the picture below she likes taking pictures better.

It seems whenever I come to the big city of Bangkok, I tend to just stick to Siam Paragon. Yesterday I stuck to the food court at Siam. I would tell myself to try a new eating place but I get tired and eat whatever looks yummy. And the food court there has a lot of yummy food. Because I can't wait to go to the bookstores:) Anyway, I had grilled squid all sliced up with two different kind of chili sauce, one sweet and one sweet and sour. I really like the deep fried Thai chicken pieces and the dip. I had seconds.

I couldn't pass a traditional Thai/Lao dessert of sweetened coconut milk with cubed taro and topped with shaved ice. Perfect.

This was after the rain and it was nice to walk without feeling to muggy. Yes, it actually cooled down
and I could feel a slight breeze which was pleasant. I'm glad I didn't take the taxi back to the hotel.

Today we took Tessa to a Peppa Pig corner at Siam Paragon.
She was all sleepy after her lunch of chicken rice, which she ate a lot, took her a minute
to recognized the Peppa cartoon and she lit up!

We got her a stuffed Peppa Pig. Tessa's learning to be gentle and hug and she
likes to hug as gives a big smile to it. Then it was a rush back to the hotel as the traffic
seems to be packed jammed before 2pm. Bangkok it is.

16 September 2014

California: Old Town Road Tripping

Even with our short time in Northern California this last month we made sure to have a road trip of some kind, if we can. One sunny day, we went off as I heard there's old towns along the way further up north where we were staying in Vacaville. And we were always on the look out for old town or gold mining towns. It's always a nice refreshing way to be in the outdoors, well, after you are in the car for about an hour or so.

Since Southern California was and still in a drought it was wonderful to see some greens from the vineyard and orchards along the drive. 

Bruce's brother Richard planned on picnicking at one of the nearest river but happened to be so dry and ugly we decided to drive a bit further and further we went about 40 more miles to Clear Lake, one of oldest and natural lakes in Northern America. And this lake is popular for water sports enthusiasts. It wasn't bustling with tourists as the lake is pretty low this year. We had a small and simple picnic at the provided table in the shade. I'm glad Richard packed spicy salami, string cheese, celery, his home grown cherry tomatoes crackers and pretzels. It was light enough so we can walk over to Foster Freeze to have each a soft serve ice cream.

We then got to have a family picture.

As we made our way back home we saw an old standing school building and was interested to check it out. Bruce and I just love to explore old build abundant buildings or towns. so this made our short drive very satisfying indeed. I particularly like the huge tree.
Old school house built in 1868 in Brooks, California

We went around the other side which there seemed to be an old swing pole and nothing else.

The wooden floors but I didn't happen to take the one whole big school room.

And the windows. It's sad not knowing more of this town and school as the city is in the process of making this a historical museum. Just a little info I got on the internet.

Did I mentioned trees? Well here's one and I love it and have to take a picture:) This black walnut tree was probably planted in the year 1868.

Bruce was excited that this was an outhouse like the one trip to one of the biggest standing ghost town we took in Bodie. But it was only water pump shelter. It's a reminder how nice we have clean and decorated bathrooms now! Tessa loved her carseat and was happy to be sleeping in the car and moving.


14 September 2014

Dough By Hand

It's been a long while since I've made any bread by hand. This afternoon the thought of kneading dough was exciting even though it was muggy. But I think I thrive on the heat we're having. Anyway, also baking a new kind of bread was in line. And focaccia bread was it. The recipe called for time kneading the dough for five minutes. I thought that's not to bad as regular bread would call for ten. But I was tired! I really need to work out these weak arms of mine. More kneading dough!

I read a blog post of sprinkling grated parmesan cheese, coarse salt and dried
rosemary herb on top. It was a pretty good mix but need to double the three next time.
My focaccia bread came out really thick and kept the dimples:)

And I had a couple of thin slices of the bread since it was so thick with a salad.
Which I mixed in sliced radish, celery, cherry tomatoes and avocado. The dressing
was from a bottled and fat free. It tasted nasty! The richness of the avocado helped.
I would try focaccia bread again and with a different topping as I like it.

Have you been baking any kind of new bread lately? By hand or bread machine?