14 September 2014

Dough By Hand

It's been a long while since I've made any bread by hand. This afternoon the thought of kneading dough was exciting even though it was muggy. But I think I thrive on the heat we're having. Anyway, also baking a new kind of bread was in line. And focaccia bread was it. The recipe called for time kneading the dough for five minutes. I thought that's not to bad as regular bread would call for ten. But I was tired! I really need to work out these weak arms of mine. More kneading dough!

I read a blog post of sprinkling grated parmesan cheese, coarse salt and dried
rosemary herb on top. It was a pretty good mix but need to double the three next time.
My focaccia bread came out really thick and kept the dimples:)

And I had a couple of thin slices of the bread since it was so thick with a salad.
Which I mixed in sliced radish, celery, cherry tomatoes and avocado. The dressing
was from a bottled and fat free. It tasted nasty! The richness of the avocado helped.
I would try focaccia bread again and with a different topping as I like it.

Have you been baking any kind of new bread lately? By hand or bread machine?

11 September 2014

Beef Stew and Biscuits Kind of Dinner

I'm up late again but not by choice as I was asleep at 8pm. But my Tessa happened to go to sleep at eleven, it's once in a blue moon. And she was chirpy and woke me up. Then I was hungry and ate two cookies ( my Instagram showed one) with hot green tea. Now I'm wide awake! Blog post!

It has been gloomy in the late afternoon here in Bangkok despite that it's still pretty bright and hot in the day time. And beef stew seems like a slurping good idea and since I've been feeling like I'm going to have a bad cold. Add that with homemade buttermilk biscuits and you're all set and happily full.

A small pot of beef stew in the making

My first time making buttermilk biscuits in a long time. Will be making more in
the future. It was really fluffy and light.


10 September 2014

Coffee Coffee Coffee, Surprise Surprise!

Hi there! Sorry for the absence here. Since I'm editing and loading pictures from yester year to Flickr I might as well update on my bloggy. If I say some weird word it's all the coffee I've been drinking, hence the pictures below.

This week was a bit heavy on the mental side. Trying to do and say the honest thing is hard. But you got to do what is right on the moral values I believe in, God's moral standards, you know. Anyway, some may or a lot of people may dislike you. But again, you got to be honest and confront that person with love. And confrontation is hard and on and on it goes. I need coffee.

Oh and lots of it..I said that already.

I know you might not be interested that I just uploaded 723 pictures today. And found out that I've loaded almost all of them last year? Yeah, I'm that organized. It's all good now that I have to go and delete whats in my laptop folder and then the Flickr photostream, it's good that I had a lot of coffee to keep me going.

Yesterday, was the first day of Tessa's therapy session. It went well and she cooperated. I'm pretty sure it's the tuna sandwich and ketchup that she had for lunch. She loved that reddy sugar filled ketchup! It's once in a blue moon that I would let her have it. Tessa continues to work on her balance and letting go the fear that she has while standing up.

Sorry if this post is like 'making a note list' or something but I'm going to put up my travel post next. I really miss doing that. And to look back how we're blessed to be able to travel and see interesting places. See you back soon!

This is the Flickr app filter I used. I know it's grainy but I like it. I've been making
Lao traditional iced black coffee and sometimes adding whole milk in it. Slurp slurp!

A barista recommended this Americano on the rocks or ice. Then I asked to put
some whole milk in. Creamy delicious I tell you! By the way, that's not my name.
In Thai it says, 'a little bit of milk'.

Another Lao iced coffee in the making. This time with condensed milk. Oh my,
it never ends. Cheers!

04 September 2014

Trying Lao Recipes

But first I have to put up Miss Tessa's smiling picture. She's been teething since we were in the States.
Still this girl can smile when she stops being fussy. I asked her to smile for me even though her gums were hurting. She's too cute!

I originally bought this Lao cookbook in Vientiane and made it a gift for my sister in California. Well if I didn't know any better, she doesn't need one. So she gave it back to me, because I asked and it was sitting on the shelf, thanks sis. I'm the one who is more visual and needs a cookbook for a guide.  And I didn't grow up cooking Lao food let alone cook any kind of food. It's ok that I need a cookbook as my guide. Oh, don't try to tell me the recipes by mouth as I don't remember them.

It's the first Lao cookbook that's by a great organization on helping the youth by teaching them how to cook and serve in the hospitality area. It's written in English and Lao. Which I love even though I can barely read Lao. I didn't have Vietnamese curry powder but used a Thai one. Worked out fine and delicious. 

And I tried this chicken with pumpkin curry. It's not spicy at all and Tessa loved it! Although, I'll blend the spices up in a blender next time as it was a bit coarse when used with a mortal and pestal. But she ate it without coughing it up. And that adds a big smile to me! Yes, I didn't have to peel the pumpkin skin as it was so soft after it was steamed and then cooked in the curry.

03 September 2014

Here in Bangkok

So I thought I should update that we've been back four days ago. Tessa is finding moredifficult to adjust to the time change. Overall she did very well on the long haul flight back. Only when during our layover in Teipei she had a meltdown. Then Peppa Pig came to the rescue. Seriously I don't know what I'll do if there's no Peppa. 

Since we got back it has been raining. Which is nice but it makes me sneeze a lot. Also found out that our washer wasn't draining. We got the guy from the Whirlpool company to come and fix it. He was surprised that it survived from the flood. It's working perfectly and I'm glad we don't have to buy a new one. 

I've been just cooking whatever I can pick up quickly as I get so tired. Anyway I'm taking it slowly. 

The sun setting on our way to San Francisco airport. 

I'm happy with my coffee and Tessa watching her friend Peppa I. Taipei airport. Almost home!

Tessa after her shower and in her own bed. 

Us when we're tired. 

Made I stand noodle salad with morning glory greens. Spicy and yummy. 

Roasted a whole chicken in Asian seasoning. You know, soy sauce and oyster sauce are the main. So good. 

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for our safe flight home. It's good to be back!