Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Safe In Vacaville

Tessa after getting off the plane in San Francisco.

Thank God we arrived safely in Vacaville last night. Also that Tessa slept through the second leg of the 11 hour flight. Although she kept kicking me and turned side to side trying to get comfortable it was way better than having her cried and scream. When she starts to whine especially when she's sleepy, I would tell her to go to sleep. I think she comprehends that more now and just flop her head down.

My friend just texted me saying that San Francisco international airport is a dump comparing to the two airport that I've just been to. I have to agree. You're not missing anything there! Not looking forward to waiting for our flight out because airports are like a second home when you're waiting long hours, you know.

Today, I'll try to stay awake as much as I can. Tessa just laid down again and it's only 8:19AM. I would keep us busy visiting Family and going to Target, yes May L., I will shop for you too:). And there's coffee to help me get through, I hope.

This is more of my jet legg and not Summer meals! I thought this saying was cute (picture below). I'll post pics of our time in my Instagram feed but for sure will be posting and writing here too as I don't like repeating the same pics on the blog. So do come back here for more. Have a great day everyone!

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