Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Hello From Thailand!

Sawatdee, sabaidee, hello from Thailand! We've been back almost a week now and still getting our house in order. From dusting and getting the moldy smell out, having all three air conditioning unit cleaned as the one in our bedroom didn't even work, oiling the squeaky doors to buying a new number for your phone as the phone company terminated your number. To re stocking your your pantry for the third time and still manage to forget to buy garlic. Garlic! I know as for someone like me who lives garlic. Anyhow, it will be my fourth time this week to go grocery shopping. Good thing I like doing it. But I'm so tired......enjoy the few photos I have for now.
Back to the colorful city traffic. Not to shabby.

My lunch of beef boat noodles with fresh Thai basil and bean sprouts, oh also with pork rinds, at the food court at the mall. I went to buy some groceries there. 
Started cooking sticky rice to eat with our meal that our friends have brought us. How I missed my stove! But not the green gas tank beside it.

Tessa getting used to her surroundings and smiling even with jet leg, stomach bug and teething.

And visiting with our neighbors. There will be more of that as everyone is asking to see Miss Tessa. 
It's only 8.30pm and I'm so very sleepy but trying to stay up till 9. Let's see.

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