Thursday, 14 July 2016

Feasting On Korean Food, Iron Man Trilogy and Sam's Club Frozen Yogurt

Last weekend we got invited by our friends Stephanie and Matt and they have two cute boys. Stephanie is Korean and she cooked a storm for us! I'm sad to say that I'm not too familiar with Korean food other than kimchi and kimbap. And she didn't even give us kimchi! Lots of sesame flavor too, yum! Below are the some of names of the dishes that she made. Bruce even liked the tofu salad! It was a wonderful way to get to know Korean food from a Korean. It was a wonderful afternoon and for dinner was, guess what?
And then it was back to watching the Iron Man, yeah all three! But not in the same day as I started from Friday night. Sometimes a woman just needs a bit of sci fi in her life:). We ended our weekend with a celebration to Sam's Club. Grandpa Crews' promised Tessa that is crawls he would buy her a frozen yogurt. So my Tessa crawled last week and it was frozen vanilla yogurt for Tessa! They are such a wonderful couple and we are so blessed. It also has been a tiring week as Tessa was getting over a cold. And going up to Big Bear didn't help her either. But she was a trooper and she started crawling there!

Anyway, here's to a blessed rest of the week!

Clockwise: half pictured of pigs in a blanket (for the kids),
chapchae: ( sweet potato noodles sauteed with omelette strips, red bell pepper, onions, carrots and greens.
Pan fried tofu slices that has lots of garlic in it and made into salad.
Bulgogi: beef rolls with rice cake
Mandoo: pork dumplings
Joomukbap: rice triangles flavored with sesame oil and salt. The filling was plain tuna. I loved how simple this rice triangles were!.

My plate but Bruce forgot the tofu salad, what?

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