Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Hello from Taipei!

Hi there! So yeah we are traveling again to the USA for three weeks. It wasn't planned but we had news of Bruce's niece wedding happening and we are off.

It's a quick trip and I'm so excited to see and spend time with both sides of the family. Also meeting my new niece, Layla, my sisters daughter.

Hopefully we can get to go on a short road trip somehere, even if it's somehere familiar but not the touristy sights.

Tessa was slight fussy as she couldn't get comfortable to take a nap. But with Peppa Pug cartoon it helped a lot:).
Ok, the second leg of the flight is Taipei to San Francisco. This is my first time flying into San Francisco. I think the flight is shorter but nevertheless I'm excited! Prayers are appreciated, thanks.

Suvanahpoom Airport, Bangkok
New photo booths for tourists:)

Taipei, Taiwan
In front of a baby changing room, well Hello Kitty!

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