Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My Sister's Baby Shower Party

Hello from Vacaville!

Yes, I'm very behind and the much neglected updates on my ole blog. It's better late than never. I kind of dislike that saying as I know how I feel when I wait for updates from friends.

Anyhow, I wanted to start off by saying how much I've enjoyed this different kind of baby shower party that my sister held for her guests. Come and eat, no opening presents and your male friend or husband are welcome. I was feeling the emotions that waved through me as I dreaded the travel. It soon lifted as I helped my sister and mom chopped, sliced and tasted the food and desserts ( lagu beef stew, bruschetta, apple crumble and mini s'mores cupcake and many more) that was for the party. The colors and lights soon felt like was somewhere magical.

Before the party, my childhood best friend from junior high when my family was living in Fresno came by. Her and her husband drove three and a half hours to see me and my family. Thanks for the gift for Tessa Judy! It was the right timing for me despite the busyness of the party. Being able to capture these precious moments was amazing.

You gotta have papaya salad at some point.

Bruce and Jon enjoying Laotian food. Saap! (Delicious)

Lemon rinds and fresh whole nutmeg for the apple crumble.


Mini s'mores cupcake. Yum!

Judy with Tessa and I.

Judy with Norm her husband and us.

Where's the party?

The spread!

Baby Layla is on the way!

Jon (middle) welcoming friends.

Let's put the cake pops here.

My cousins Pith and Kit. Thanks for helping girls:)

Bruce with one if my cousin, Pith.


Let's pose!

Jon's friends are so easy going.

Arisa's girlfriends!

With Jon's parents, Phyllis and Tom.

Zee MacLeans!

The soon to be parents.

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